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Dec 6, 2013 6:00am EST
. considerable fiscal constraints. we're going to see environment -- it will allow for the underlying economy to look stronger. >> the bloomberg political analyst is with us -- sequestration in 2014 is different for him last year. >> they realize -- both sides realize they made a huge mistake. interesting point to me, we had a stock market high. we have housing rates out. we have more millionaires and billionaires. you have all of this data and then you have 75% of the country saying we are on the wrong track. >> will that look like going forward when you deal with the restructuring of fannie and freddie? will we see tightening standards and will that hurt the economy even more? >> i think that is one of the challenges. there are lasting scars. we will continue to see regulatory changes and adjustments. one of those is in the mortgage market. >> can i get a mortgage in 2014? doesn't change the radically that i cannot the mortgage? >> we could see some listening, but when we look back, it will look fundamentally different than what we had during the bubble. >> let's look at today's jobs report
Dec 9, 2013 6:00am EST
:00 p.m.'s economy slowed more than estimated last quarter. gdp was 1.1%. that was revised down from the first estimate. business spending was weaker than initially thought as companies are cautious on their economy. protesters poured into the streets of kiev. they fear that the president is going to bring the country into an economic bloc led by russia. this followed a rally where they tore down a statue of vladimir lenin. and a chance to own a piece of the sydney opera house. you can own a tile for as little as $90. you do not own it physically, but you can personalize it online, giving you virtual ownership. fundraiserart of a to pay for the renovations. >> i would do that. people buy stars for each other, why not buy a piece of the opera house. >> there is a birthday gift for tom. >> time for single this chart. what do you have? >> he is going to become the ceo of time warner cable. there is work that the company will be acquired soon. rob marcus has a big payday coming. he could go out the door with a golden goodbye. we wanted to take a look at what other recent severance packag
Dec 5, 2013 6:00am EST
is because we live in a complex global economy and they mirror the complexity. whether supply chain or payroll management. >> what china is working very are -- hard at things that people want. when are they going to have their own dreamworks studio irrespective of what we have? movies that we are going to went over here? >> they are working on that certainly. they are playing on their domestic audience and working it up. there is also a funny exchange between josh and jeffrey katzenberg about disruption and then barry diller. take a listen. is just an amazing man. honestly without question, one of the most brilliant people even to this day. i still think he is one of the most amazing and brilliant and inquisitive intellectual mean ba stards i have ever come across. >> he could not resist using a word, either, to describe. > john borthwick, the mean -- >> what do you think of, when jeffrey katzenberg has difficulty placing barry diller in this? he is big money endorsing something that is disruptive. all of these trends are talking about, whether u.s.-china, film moving to asia, you s
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3